Idaho Adventures

Hello from an adorable, tiny coffee shop in Idaho! Random, right?! lol I’m traveling as nanny with my oldest sister, brother-in-law, and 4 nephews as they visit for a wedding. Yes, it’s been crazy and yes a lot of fun!! 😉

I’ve been LOVING all the cold weather, fluffy kittens, green fields, farm trucks, sweatshirts, and toddler smiles. ❤ Continue reading “Idaho Adventures”


I have decided to look back over the moments in February that I am thankful for, instead of letting it feel like one big gross hard month. 🙂

This isn’t a list to show off things I’ve gotten to do. It’s a whispered thank you to the brave people and happy times who gave me the strength to try to keep laughing and crying and loving and praying. I didn’t do so very well at all, but I did try. ; )

These are some of the little things that gave me joy–

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