“Bookdragon Cousin” {Camp NaNo flash fiction}

“There is nothing left on the planet earth for me to read!” the voice wailed through the phone, “Oh cousin, I am in the depths of despair! And unfortunately there aren’t any books down there. I double checked.”

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Idaho Adventures

Hello from an adorable, tiny coffee shop in Idaho! Random, right?! lol I’m traveling as nanny with my oldest sister, brother-in-law, and 4 nephews as they visit for a wedding. Yes, it’s been crazy and yes a lot of fun!! 😉

I’ve been LOVING all the cold weather, fluffy kittens, green fields, farm trucks, sweatshirts, and toddler smiles. ❤ Continue reading “Idaho Adventures”

Our Little Free Adventure

Us older girls and Mom were running errands Friday last week. Dinner time was fast approaching and with it the need to be home to prepare it for the others. After getting lost in a random neighborhood (who knew that if you followed the verbal directions backward, you’d end up in an entirely different place than you planned??😂), we finally spotted our target beside a quiet, green park… Continue reading “Our Little Free Adventure”