Short Stories

Okay, to be honest, these aren’t ALL my short stories…just the ones I (mostly) like. 😀

Valuable is a story I wrote for a story contest. I’ve always had a certain fascination with Gypsies (good ones, of course). Maybe it’s their dark eyes and thick, black hair. Or maybe how they are cool, silent, and glide like Indians through the forests and always know the land. So I decided to write a young gypsy girl as my main character in this story! Enjoy the adorable, curly-headed toddler. 🙂

Patriot’s Song is ‘very melancholy’ (as a friend informed me), but I don’t fully agree. True, I was super gloomy and walked around as though asleep while it was still in progress, but I also got giddy and cried with joy as I wrote the end! Set after VJ Day on the American home front, a girl, Charity, goes down to the canteen to visit ‘her’ piano and untangle her tired mind. Travel with this patriot back to the bitter days of World War Two, and be reminded to never give up. (Pinterest board.) // FREE AUDIO BOOK HERE

Moon Pie: And How It Came About was written forever ago!  I love the idea of this story but would definitely like to rewrite it one of these days. I can’t quite remember how this story came into being, but I think my sister and I started to talk about Moon Pie’s (one of our favorite pastries) strange name and thought of this funny story. She sweetly let me write it. Enjoy!