The Sunshine Blogger Award

Lydia nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award today, so I thought I’d hurry and pass it on before summer is over. : )

All of the questions were creative, and I enjoyed thinking up my answers to what makes me smile, something I like about Autumn, etc!

Thanks so much for tagging me, Lydia!

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3 Books To Read Before Summer Ends

Hey guys, there’s still three weeks left of summer (though AZ just got our first monsoon!!! YAY!!) so Rosy, Pearl, and I decided to do a summer blog collab together!

Rosy’s post is about things to do before the season ends, and Pearl’s post is about ways to stay cool in this heat.

I am sharing three books, set during summer, that I think y’all should read!

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I Need A Gold Tooth (cuz i’m old now)

So I turned 18.

It sounds crazy old but believe me I’m still the awkward wild haired dreamer who is 12 at heart! xD I don’t know exactly how I thought it would be when I finally turned this old age… probably more pretty and tall (lol gave up on that one awhile ago!), definitely mountains more mature and wise, and the feeling of being, ya know, eighteen.

It’s not like any of that, y’all. But I’m happy to announce that it is great anyway! 😀

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