Moon Pie: And How It Came About

Outside of a gas station, located in a large city, a big red truck pulled up and stopped. A man got out and helped a little boy down from the high step. Walking into the building they greeted the lady at the counter. She smiled and asked, “May I help you in any way?”

“Nah, thanks, I’m just taking my son out and gettin’ him a treat for his birthday.” The two, hand-in-hand walked to the shelve of snacks.

“Daddy, Daddy!” the boy tugged at the man’s dirty jeans, “What does that sign say?” he pointed out a red and yellow sign hanging on one of the shelves. The boy’s father read it aloud, “Moon Pies are the BEST! Only $1 per pie! Get one now!”  “Can I have that one please?” “Sure.” They brought the item to the counter, paid, and went out the door. As they neared the truck the son asked, “Why is this called “Moon Pie”?” While thinking the man helped his son up into the truck and got in on the driver’s side. “Hmmm…. Maybe ‘cause it is shaped kind-of round, like the moon,” the father guessed. As they drove away the elder of the two couldn’t help thinking, “I wonder why it is really called “Moon Pie”.”

Not far from there a girl of about 16 was busily brushing out her hair while sitting on the edge of her bed. Short for her age her feet barely reached the carpeted floor.

“Taylor, have you packed your clothes?” her mother asked, peeking her head into the room.

“Yes. How long will we be gone this time?” the girl replied.

“Three days,” picking up Taylor’s suitcase she added, “We have to get lots of ingredients this time. Your Dad is ready to leave and waiting out front in the car. You better go hop in the car, I’ll be there in a minute.”

She left the room and Taylor was left there alone.

Gazing at the light fixture she thought, “My fourth trip to space! I hope we make enough money to go again next year.” She quickly grabbed her leather bound journal and made her way to the front door where she climbed into her father’s car.

That night Taylor sat, cross legged on a hard cot in her Father’s small spaceship. In her hands she held her journal. Engrossed in its pages, she read about a different trip to space that was two years ago.

“Today is April 26th. My birthday is the day after tomorrow! I will be turning 14.  Dad is taking me for a one day ride past the moon!

Mom says I need to go to bed early, so I better stop writing.

Sincerely, Taylor”

She flipped to the next page and read, “Today is the 27th. We have been driving for a long time.

Mom says that up in space she will teach me how to make a pie. She hasn’t decided what kind yet. Dad says we are only three miles away from his station, but it feels like forever. Well, he’s about to turn music on, so I’ll write later.

~ Taylor”

“It’s still the 27th but we finally made it to Dad’s station. We ate a small snack before lunch, (since we had breakfast really early,) of apples, buttered bread, and milk. I never knew how hungry I could get!

Gotta go! Love, Taylor”

Taylor remembered, grinning that after this she had put down her pencil and stretched. Her had mom called her, “Taylor, your papa wants to celebrate your birthday here.” “Okay!” The two walked over to the picnic blanket.

Still the 27th. The usual birthday celebration was fun.

We are staying at a small Inn nearby and are going to take off for space in the morning.

Happy Birthday, and good night!

She had signed off with a fancy, “Taylor”.

Yawning, she pulled up the thick hotel blanket and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next day it was chilly but the sun shone brightly. “Perfect morning!” Dad announced suitcase in hand. Getting out from the car, Taylor shivered and pulled on her sweater. Carrying the suit cases the family walked to the space ship, hand in hand.

Later, Taylor quickly jotted down,

“Hi, it’s the 28th and we are inside the space ship. Mom said that on the 31st we are going to have the Bright family over. We will eat the pie I make then. I’ll write more later! I’ve got to go make that pie.

Quickly, Taylor

Soon she was busy preparing the pie to cook once they got back to earth. “Can we open a window Dad?” she asked. “Hmmm…. Well, if you strap in with those e-lasti

Straps so you can still move around.” He answered from the front of the space craft. “Thanks!” After pulling the e-lasti straps from the moving track on the ceiling Taylor the popped open  window directly above the counter they were working on.

This done, the girls continued making the filling for their pie.

Taylor laid out the crust in the pan and began to pour in the prepared filling. Suddenly, Dad announced from the front, “Moon coming up!” The others went into the next room so they could see it better. For a while all that could be heard were exclamations like, “It’s so big!” and, “We are so close to it!!!” The pie strapped to the table without its top crust on lay exposed to the crisp air. Suddenly the moon became huge and there was a scraping sound as the space ship passed only a foot away from it, dropping a palm-sized slice off the moon that fell into the open pie. Hearing the racket, Taylor came running. Discovering it was only the forgotten open window she calmly stirred the lumpy pie filling and proceeded putting the top crust in place.

“Hi, it’s the 31st and the Brights are coming over. Yeh, I know I haven’t written since the 28th, but I’ve been really busy. I got to see the moon on our trip to space. It was so cool! We landed safely and I am now baking the pie we made. It smells sooo good!!!

See yah! ~Taylor”

“So, what’s for dinner?” Joshua Bright asked looking up from the card game they were playing. “Little Ceaser’s Pizza!” Taylor said. “NUM!” he answered. A brown headed girl sitting next to Taylor asked, “When are you going to tell me about your birthday trip?” she said as she flashed a smile at her friend.

“Soon,” was the only answer she got. “Oh, and Kaylie, I made a pie that we are gonna have.”

The girls were busy talking as Joshua played his turn. “Yes!” he shouted. “Yah, I like pie too.” agreed his sister. “No, no, no!” he doubled over in laughter, “I won Crazy Eights!” “Oh!” said Kaylie and Taylor together.

Saying “good game”, they packed up the cards and went to see what the younger kids were doing. Emily and Mattie were deep in a game of paper dolls which Taylor had dug out from under her bed, and little two year old Joe was now getting a ‘piggy back’ ride from his father.

The clanking of forks and talking soon started as the prayer was over and everyone was seated. Soon all the pizza had disappeared.

Three pieces of pizza should be enough for anyone, but not for ten year old Joshua. Eager and hungry as ever, he watched as the pie was cut. Giving him the first piece was very rewarding for it vanished in only a matter of minutes. “That was delicious!” Joshua exclaimed. Taylor’s dad marveled, “It’s a wonderful pie, Taylor! What flavor is it?” “Just one Mom made up.” Just then her mother pulled her aside, “Taylor, what is this?!” She pointed to a small flake of white in her piece of pie. Taylor shrugged. “Well, whatever it is, it’s delicious!” “Thanks.” Taylor replied puzzled.

Whatever could it be?” she thought all that day.

That night Taylor lay awake thinking over their trip to the moon. “I don’t think we ever left the pie….” She puzzled. Rolling over she tried to sleep but her mind was swirling.

“Wait!” she rolled back over and sat up, “We went to the other room to see the moon closer up…” thinking hard she began connecting the dots, “There was a loud noise in the back, and we found that we had left open the window above the pie and it scraped the moon.”

It being a little chilly, Taylor cuddled down under her blanket again. “Let’s see….we found some lumps in the pie filling, and…the window above the pie scraped the moon….lumps in the…..”

“I bet some moon fell in our pie and we… just stirred it in!” she said aloud. “But a moon pie! Whoever heard of such a thing! But… it must be!” “Wonderful” Father had said, because of the secret ingredient. She giggled, “So secret I didn’t even know about it!”

Taylor began making personal-sized Moon Pies as she called them. Soon they became very popular with family and friends. A couple years later a friend even suggested she keep the secret ingredient to herself as the pies were getting more popular,( where she sold them in the gas stations) every day. She took the advice and no one but her closest friends ever knew its secret ingredient. Many puzzled over its mysterious name and still do today.

The End!




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