Meet the Storynerd

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Hello, I’m Anna!

I am just a gal whose favorite story is the one God has written for my life!

I am a collector of real-life stories and enjoy imagining the stories behind each person I meet. I love everything that has some sort of tale in it– songs, books, movies, sunsets, people…You might call me a Storynerd!

In my spare time, I write down some of my observations on life, the human heart, and hope– in the form of fictional stories&people and snippets of thought.

I also enjoy journaling in every free moment, singing in harmony with my friends and siblings, playing with my nephews, READING, sketching concepts for story characters, adventuring in ordinary exciting ways… and generally enjoying life to its fullest!


This post on my bff’s blog shares a little more of a peek into who I am. 

Random pictures that tell more about me:

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Thanks to Kate, Paul, and Pearl for help getting this blog going and to my friends and family for convincing me I should even have one.