happy new

hi friends :)) I’m writing this the night after Christmas… who knows when/if I’ll post it lol. But hey!! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

At the beginning of this eventful 2020 I disappeared on all 403 of y’all. Boom randomly suddenly just like that with no explanation. I was going through a lot and blogging just wasn’t fun anymore for many reasons, but I checked back in halfway through the year.

I thought it might be cool to do another life update, considering how much has happened since and how much of a different person I’ve grown into than the girl who quit her blog.

Here are some fun highlights…


Running for food at night with my weirdos. Finishing volunteering as an AWANA leader. Baking cookies that turned out really wrong. Taking Kaitlyn out for gelato and girl talks. Finding surprise selfies on my phone. Crafting with sweet Ashlynne.

Becoming friends with this gal and video calling every day over the summer to study Ephesians and talk about life. Having some of the deepest and then randomest/funniest conversations with her that I’ve ever had.


Matching accidentally with my gorls on July 4th. Leading a zoom Bible study every week with the greatest sir Joseph. Getting together with the other leadership girls and studying the Bible and books all summer and Fall semester.

Learning guitar (a lifelong dream I pursued during quarantine!) from my friend Adam, getting a travel case for it, and seeing how I’ve grown in my guitar abilities since beginning.

Serving on the Challenge Collective worship team and becoming more confident with singing upfront. Leading a table in prayer/discussion after the teaching. Watching God work through this growing ministry during a global pandemic.

Remembering to marvel at the masterpieces God puts in the sky.

Throwing ourselves a Christmas in July party with my gal Kaitlyn. Shopping with mi gorls impromptu.


Celebrating the getting older of Kaidee. Me. and Nicole.

Driving around with Kaidee during the first huge rainstorm and then both deciding to roll our windows down and turn up music crazy loud and drive around town in circles to chase the rain. Best time.

Enjoying some cooler weather and pretty skies while doing homework outside. Taking online classes Fall semester since campus is still closed.

Starting a Christian Challenge discipleship group with 3 gals and studying Matthew weekly together.


Getting doggo kisses while trying to journal laying on the floor. Riding rollercoasters (for the first time) with the best guy gang. Exploring neighborhoods and coffee shops nearby on our bikes with my brother.

Hanging with my fellow leaders at a rental house as a retreat. (I got like zero pics bcuz it was so chill and fun lol) Staying up way too late talking about every and any thing with Kaidee in the room we shared. Finding a happy little sunflower out in the desert wash we tramped around in. Bringing my guitar and playing it to myself every minute possible.

Watching the final video we worked on during the retreat and how AWESOME it turned out!!

Hanging out with my friend Maggie after a long time. Catching up on life with her and being goofy in different stores.


Leading Bible studies every week on zoom (with my Fall semester teach-mate Daniel). Persevering through the infamous horrible Tuesdays of video calls/class back-to-back.

Running around a pumpkin patch and corn maze with some of my favorite people in the world and yes getting lost.

Helping with Christian Challenge’s local outreach projects. Seeing college students from different campuses all around the state come together to share their love and compassion from Jesus. Sitting on the ground with some guys who are homeless and taking the time to listen and talk with them and see life from their perspectives.

Chilling with my younger sisters. Enjoying simple little things like our cat claiming my lap and purring nonstop or the way the sun made a photo aesthetic.


Getting to see and join in on college students at our church becoming friends and starting an epic group. Volunteering at church with fam. Being goofy at a thrift store with my little sister. Decorating for Christmas with the entire family this year and how much crazy fun that was!

Running around town with miss Kaidee. Buying random things at a grocery store to make a picnic in the park to see the sunset. Freezing because we stayed there talking and had to walk home in the dark. Finding a legit Churro shop and freaking out.

Going to my first concert (For King & Country Drive-In). Sitting on the roof of our van with some girly friends and singing along at the top of our lungs. Snuggling up around campfires for a Thanksgiving worship/movie night at Collective.

Attending my second Challenge Collective murder mystery, and acting as one of the main characters. Setting up with the ridiculously hilarious and dedicated cast, friends, crew, and director. Learning songs and choreography in one hurried rehearsal by the most fantastic writer/director boi in the history of ever. Staying in character the entire night along with my mob boss family (second pic).


Throwing an end-of-semester Christmas party for Daniel’s and mine Christian Challenge groups after finishing the book of Matthew! Getting to see them all connect with each other and have a blast and just looking at how much they’ve all grown since we started meeting.

Hitting downtown with my fellow leadership gals and looking at Christmas lights from the very top of a parking garage. Wandering into strange little shops, and going through an entire bowl of keys. Taking pictures with Kaidee in every single mirror in one shop (I included 3 pics but there are so so many more).

Watching a Christmas play with my whole family. Dressing up a little and going on a fun outing with the Christian Challenge leadership team to celebrate end-of-semester. Rediscovering the joys of Sherlock Holmes.

Stealing my dad’s comfy old sweater. Decorating the tree and talking about all the memories the ornaments from each year hold. Spending Christmas weekend with my forever favorites. 😉 ❤

So yeah… 🙂 I took classes Fall semester and got great professors and honestly learned a lot. My business professor even showed us comedy in our first zoom class!! Group projects downright stink but hey finals week turned out actually really well and I got good grades in everything, praise the Lord!

Despite the changes in plans and the limitations this year has thrown at me, looking back it is so cool to see how faithful and good God has been through it all. This time last year I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my one life I’ve been given. When midnight came last New Year’s Eve, to be perfectly honest, I was crying all my lil woes into a friend’s jacket as he hugged me. Wow how different everything is now! Especially this second half of 2020. God brought so many strong friendships into my life that I never even imagined would exist. Close, genuine, real, honest, hilarious, supportive, kind human beings who also want to live entirely for Christ.

At the beginning of this summer my mentors asked what area I wanted to grow in, and I said a wholehearted trust in God no matter the circumstances and an excitement to study His Word. Yikes those have been a struggle for sure, but also I can see just how much God has worked through the hardships.

And because of that, I truly can’t wait to see what could happen in 2021. Something new, maybe something happy.

But if nothing else, I know for sure that things will happen and yet God will still totally be in control. So it will be a happy New Year.

I would love to hear about you guys too and catch up. What are you looking forward to this coming year??



9 thoughts on “happy new

  1. I absolutely love this post! There were so many lovely pictures, and I completely enjoyed looking through every single one of them. Thanks for sharing! 😀
    YAY about learning guitar!!
     The cover picture for the play you acted in looks so insane and cool!! XD 
    I’m glad you got to spend time with Maggie and Kaitlyn. And the pics with all your other friends look like a blast too! 
    AND you have the exact same Joshua 1:9 plaque on your wall as we have on ours!! 😀 Thanks so much for popping in, Anna! 😀
    Looks like you had some great times in 2020. I hope 2021 is amazing for you! Happy New Year! Love and miss you! 
    ~Rosy ❤
    p.s. You're seriously so pretty.

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  2. Anna I was so happy to read your post once again. Thank You for sharing all of your family and friends photos and all of your monthly happenings. Congratulations on learning the guitar. I have one and have not learned how to play it properly. i have been reading mostly historic and Amish books. My dear Hamilton and America’s First Daughter are my favorite reads of the year. This year I want to get back to my knitting and playing my music. Wishing you and yours A Happy,Healthy and A Blessed 2021.


  3. Hello Anna! I wanted to let you know That I nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award! For more information on The Mystery Blogger award go to Everythineliyah.wordpress.com! If you don’t want to do it, that is totally fine. Have a great day!


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