Library People Watching Stories (Fall Semester)

I sit there, surrounded by so many stories. Books, music, art, and people. I am drowning in a sea of words.

Most of the following people watching stories I wrote to my sister as they happened, thus the weird lingo. 😉 😛 I hope you enjoy these observations from a teen lover-of-quirky.

At the college library today I got to help a girl who was deaf. She drifted up to the desk with a nervous little smile and held out her phone. I read the text there, figured out what she meant, smiled and typed a reply to her question. And she absolutely GLOWED with happiness. ❤ Just cuz someone slowed down enough to be understanding and kind. Guys, I get to meet some of the coolest people out there.

It’s fun to watch people almost walk into a library pillar.

Some ppl are literally carrying huge blankets around campus with them. big mood.

We have a library scavenger hunt rn. People will check out a certain book from me and there’s a clue inside.

There’s a guy on his cellphone outside the doors and he’s pacing and doing that thing where you balance along the line of curb; and we’re all just little kids at heart, aren’t we.

My librarians make tea in the backroom btw.

lol this dude had me check to see when his dvd was due and when i told him the due date he goes “i don’t’ even know when that is, i don’t even know what today is” and i didn’t either so i looked up a calendar to help him figure it out. Poor college students.

63.7 degrees at the “east end” today.

Meg (name changed) brought me a blanket YAY

lol ppl come in and to wipe their feet on the mat they do a little dance.

Everyone looks all Victorian with their closed umbrella swinging from an arm.

lol lol oh man my ppl stories are so cringe-y and hilarious when my brain isn’t working xD These guys asked me where study room 136 was so i pulled out the map and promptly sent them to room 139 because I read it upside down. I realized like two seconds after they walked off and I ran across the whole library (not really supposed to leave the desk) to find them. We laughed so hard as I showed them the right room.

Also i checked out some books on torture to some dude and he says all of a sudden “oh! this is for a paper, just so you know i’m not about to torture someone”. so then we had a quick little rant about how he likes math and not writing, and I like writing and not math.

Also it is WAY warmer at the “east end” now! YAY!! Thanks to Annie (name changed) who walked over while i was reading once and started ranting about how cold it was, like “you could hang meat in here! no one should have to be this cold! I’m a pretty chill person but if i’m cold i get angry. that’s why we moved to AZ” XD

Did i tell you i found a cool thing in lost and found. A small note that said “for you” on the front and then inside it was addressed to whoever found it, and it was encouraging stuff for making it through finals.

There’s an old campus safety guy that comes to do his building walk-through, but I always see him standing in the same aisle reading a book. ❤

This dude was walking around with what I thought was a bouquet of flowers but it was actually a burger wrapper.

I absolutely adore the awful, heavy, cumbersome library doors. Everyone is really intent on holding them for each other and waiting for strangers to catch up and are always so happy when someone thinks of them.

ohmyword the tv across from my desk is playing a pizza ad and i have never wanted pizza more in my life.

At the east desk the librarian guy, Keith (name changed), always walks in with his grocery sack lunch around the same time. I still haven’t actually technically met him. and he is deadly shy. so somber. But i gave him a huge smile as he walked by today, and he looked surprised and then smiled back so happy. made me happy inside.

I secretly put personalized Christmas notes and candy canes on all my librarians’ desks and throughout the day they each came to thank me and say it was sweet, and honestly it is crazy what a tiny act of kindness can do to transform someone’s day.

Keith walked by like usual today and we smiled and waved like tradition, but then he stopped and barely got out “thank you for the card, i really appreciated it. Have a really great Christmas.” I could have cheered and hugged him. cool guy.

Working in the super quiet back room, i could hear someone using the copy machine just outside the employee door. They were singing classic oldie Christmas songs under their breath and knew every word.

One of my older librarians in particular gets stuck in books while she’s supposed to be working. xD

The resident tech-help guy was sooo bored one closing night that he rolled his chair backwards to stop me and i stood there and we literally talked about how boring everything was for maybe 20 minutes. then he’s like “well if you ever want to talk, i’m just sitting here so come talk to me”

Meg (name changed) came out of the backroom and asked if i smelled fried chicken. then when she came back she’s like “i found it, those basketball players snuck panda express in. i’m not even going to kick them out, cuz the poor boys are really studying hard.”

then one of them came to sign out and I whispered “are you one of the panda guys?” and his tall, way-up-there head froze and he goes “i don’t know” and then LEGIT giggled. I shushed him with “it smells SO good”, and he relaxed and grinned, throwing over his shoulder as he left “i didn’t even get any of the orange chicken”.

Super bored at the “east end” desk where it’s almost deserted and so i lean back in my chair and spin. I hear a laugh and jolt upright to see an older lady on her broken-leg scooter and she goes “i saw that! bored?” on her way out of the building.

Librarian Annie (name changed) talked to a girl with a disability for a long long time all about how the girl wants to be a special ed teacher and encouraging her. She told Ann how she made her festive santa hat by winding flashing Christmas lights inside it and was so excited for the whole conversation. ❤

What is a happy little human story you’ve witnessed? ~A

19 thoughts on “Library People Watching Stories (Fall Semester)

  1. Ohhh anna i love all your stories!! It was so much fun listening to you tell them the other day(i know it was like two weeks ago, but like ya’ll ^^ i have no concept of time) and reading so much more here ❤ Merry Christmas! And have a Happy New year! 🙂

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  2. “It’s fun to watch people almost walk into a library pillar.”

    this is so true XD
    I’m glad you get to witness all this little stories happening right in front of your eyes, and that you’ve written them all done, because it’s making this currently libraryless birdie feel a smidge like home.

    what I mean is thank you by the way

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  3. Also i checked out some books on torture to some dude and he says all of a sudden “oh! this is for a paper, just so you know i’m not about to torture someone”.
    XD I half expected him to say he was a writer, lol XD But seriously POST MORE OF THESE!!!

    PS. I wanted to let you know that you won the “Come-Back Kid” Award for the 2019 Lit Aflame Blogger Awards (congrats!), you can check it out at this link:

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  4. Girl, this makes me want to work at y’all’s library!! What a sweet post. 💕
    Also yesterday I went to the library and ended up with a massive stack of mismatched books, sitting on a little sofa with my “highwayman boots” propped up on the edge reading…then I’m like, y’know, some west TX Anna could be people watching rn… 😂

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  5. Anna,
    This post is awesome! I love people watching, too!

    Sometimes it’s just the little interactions that we have with people through out our day that make a world of difference. The little note, the smile, chatting with strangers here and there, caring about people in little ways is caring about them in big ways. You never know just how much those short little exchanges can actually touch someone’s life in such a beautiful way. It makes me miss my jobs in customer service!

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