Hello! I am currently sitting in my college library with nothing to do but my phone. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, so here I am! πŸ˜€


My sister Pearl turned 16, and we walked around a cute little Main Street and had coffee and swam in a pool and gave her a big mystery to solve.

Kate, Pearl, and I have started volunteering for our church’s MOPS group. I get to work with like 20 kids 3-5 yrs old, and man they’re great!!

I also volunteer at AWANA (which my youngest sister does, she rocks that verse memorization!) every Sunday evening with the same age group of kids. I get so sore from holding them up for the monkey bars! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

I got super duper sick with a looong cold which gave me a cracking voice and stuck me in a British accent.

My friend K and I had a six hour Pride& Prejudice binge recently! As much as I loath silliness and romances, it was a fantastic time hanging out with her. ❀

I got my layers and bangs recut finally! Yay! Until my bangs grew out enough that they didn’t stick off to the side, I called it my Surfer Dude look.

My bff is out of state right now and it’s horrible. But it’s thanks to messaging her so much that I actually have pictures of my life lol

Some of my family have joined the choir and wow it was scary at first (those people can read music like nobody’s business!) but it’s fun and the songs are gorgeous.

I’ve been reading four books at once: Everybody Always, The Eagle of the Ninth, A Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, and Three Men in a Boat.

We found a little doggy in the parking lot and the whole choir kind of adopted it as their mascot until practice was over and a lady took him to figure out his owner. Turns out his name was Choo-Choo!

I got a part-time job at our college library. Kinda big “adulting” deal for me, you guys! I wrote a resume and application, survived an interview, filled out huge stacks of paperwork, got my badge, and had my first day of training! The Library of Congress system is cool. πŸ˜‰

It’s SWEATER WEATHER!! I’ve been loving wearing my plaids and not roasting!

So that’s a little update on me. What about you? ~A

23 thoughts on “Recently

  1. Happy belated b-day, Pearl!! Ah, to have a cold is to be British– the only good thing about them. XD I think I’ve watched the six-hour P&P like twenty times ( my sisters & mom are slightly obsessed. Me? Not so much. It is something that I can watch more than once, but after the 15th time it got old)… Awwwwwww, Choo-Choo is so cute!! ❀ ❀ Ahh, I feel like I'm going to accidentally step off a cliff the day of my first interview– maybe that would be a good thing. XD

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    1. ” to have a cold is to be British– the only good thing about them” lol What even??
      I feel you about P&P… i probably won’t feel like watching it again for years and years. πŸ˜€ 20 times tho!! YIKES! poor you lol
      HAHA honestly i bet you’d do great at your first interview!

      Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Hi Anna;
    Nice hearing from you. Congratulations on your doing a good interview and getting the job. you sure have been busy. Wo reading four books at once. I am reading “The 12 Clues Of Christmas and have finished “A Jane Austin Christmas”. We have been busy decorating the house for Halloween and the Fall season.

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    1. Hey thank you, Marion! It’s really fun working at a library.
      Both those books sound great! I need to find some awesome Christmas books to read this year, hm… πŸ˜‰


  3. yayyyyyyy tis the season for no more sweltering in heat πŸ˜€
    i’m glad life is well for you. sounds insanely busy, but also full of good things, and that’s always a plus *props*
    also please explain how you’re reading four books at once

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    1. AMEN yaayyy!!! Although AZ decided to bake us for another month or so *melts into puddle of tears* Can’t wait for the cool weather to come back!!
      Yas, insane but there’s good things too ❀
      Hoping life is well for you too.
      I was reading four books at once with my four eyes duh πŸ˜› XD JK JK idk I guess when I'd get bored of one i'd read some in a different one?? and just trade back and forth like that??


  4. Congrats on the job!! LOC drives me crazy when I have to use it, but I’ve only ever worked at libraries that use Dewey, so maybe it’s just what I’m used to. Sounds like a fun-busy time! And, I second every positive thing anyone has said about it finally feeling like fall πŸ˜‚

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    1. Thank you, Jana!
      aww you’ve worked as a librarian?!! So cool!! Libraries are the best.
      Hm I’ve really only ever learned LOC, but I hear there’s a big debate about which one is better. πŸ˜›
      “And, I second every positive thing anyone has said about it finally feeling like fall” OH YES SAME!!

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  5. Oh – “Eagle of the Ninth”. By Rosemary Sutcliff, right? I *loved* that one!! YES FOR SWEATER WEATHER!!! Two days ago the high was 103 here in Dixie. Today it didn’t get out of the 70’s and I literally wore my jean jacket all day. It was amazingly wonderful!! πŸ˜€

    I’m in 2 choirs — one sings Messiah every year, one is a “festival” of music, meaning different genres. I was intimidated at first by all the wonderful music readers since I am a self-taught musician. I can play several instruments, and I can sing . . . but give me a moment to prepare, will ya? =P I sing soprano, and that in itself can be intimidating. I mean, I *might* be able to hit the high C note, maybe. Once in a while. With a great amount of effort o_O But some of those other wonderful singers can trill it out like effortlessly! The first time I sang with them, 6 yrs ago, I was seriously frightened I was going to get kicked out. Obviously I didn’t . . . but I wonder every year πŸ˜€ =P Which part do you sing?

    And that library looks so big. All. the. books. Please tell me you get to read them when you’re not busy. Otherwise my would-be-real-job-dream is going to tun into a dream of pure, unadulterated torture. I mean, why work at a library if you can’t read the books? πŸ˜€

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    1. Yep by Rosemary Sutcliff! It’s a pretty epic story!!
      Oooh sounds like confusing weather but delightful once it decided to get cooler!
      LOVE The Messiah! Way cool your choir sings it! Um I am definitely an alto… my utmost respect to you for being able to hit even any of those soprano notes! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Yesss I get to read when I work at one of the desks! I read four novels in one week this month because of it! XD (for context, i work 4 days a week hehe) The other day I was early so I went and found a book of Longfellow’s poems, checked it out, and then read it later while on desk duty. #lovelibraries!

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  6. Ahhh, working at a library! How delightful! Great job for adulting. It can be fun…sometimes. LOL! πŸ˜› I love your updates and random details of life πŸ™‚

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