Hello Summer!

I am officially a baked potato, and this heat still got two months to go. 0_0 Hello, summer!

Okay but as much as I loathe the outdoors during 118Β° sizzling days, I really am enjoying some things about summer.

That’s at least one thing I’ve learned in life… Making the most of what we have. At least, I hope I’ve learned it. πŸ˜‰ I love something about every season God has made, and, though summer definitely isn’t my favorite, I have found some things to love about this time of year too.

The smell of freshly cut grass

Stiff clothes off the clothesline

Cold drinks w/ super company

The purring sound of AC


Summer-break hangouts


Baseball caps and ponytails

Reading on the floor in front of a box fan

Windows down, music up, hair crazy– on the freeway!!

Catching the ice cream truck

4th of July

Playing in our pool for hours


Sunburns that decide to tan

Still to come are the AFHE convention later this month and birthdays in August!

(update: the convention is past now and it was great! Post to come. ;P)

What is your favorite thing about summer?


31 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

  1. Hey! Cool post! Yeah, summer is definitely not my favorite season either…but there are certainly great things about it!πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰ ooohhh ice cream! Yum!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ

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        1. I think usually carton, but a cone is fun when it’s like for the experience with friends or whatever like hanging around at a county fair or something. Idk if that makes sense XD

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  2. Shout out to the random guy who’s holding his cute toddler on his shoulders to see the fireworks in the 4th of July pic. xD ❀

    Ditto to everything you said! Summer's sure had some cool things about it. πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. Anna Summer is my least favorite season. I can’t stay in the sun at all. The things I like about Summer is AIR CONDITION and the fresh variety of fruit. enjoy the rest of Summer and try to stay cool.

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    1. AMEN about air conditioning!! And hooray for fruit! In Oregon summer was berry and apple and garden harvesting season ❀
      You too, Marion, and thanks for taking the time to comment!


    1. Woah that sounds like a blast, Laura! I enjoyed seeing AbbyRose’s post about Theater Camp. Sounds like y’all are having a great summer! πŸ‘πŸ™



    I never realized how nostalgic they are for me until two weeks ago when I went swimming for the first time in forever. xD

    It finally feels like summer now…

    So I guess that’s to say my favorite part of summer is going swimming. (:

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        1. Um yes blessed!!
          I burned SO badly earlier this summer that my shoulder peeled off and was ugly for maybe a month after. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ Fantastic for first impressions lol “hi, no I don’t have leprosy” 0_0

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  5. 118 . . . WOW! I thought 105 was hot here in Dixie!!! And crisp clothes off the line are the best! Personally, I love the smell of line dried bed sheets. They just smell better than machine dried πŸ˜€

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