Question: what’re your thoughts on book reviews?

Hey guys! My friend made cool polls y’all should fill out! Answer questions like “When do you usually review a book?”, “Which is more important to you: high star reviews or detailed reviews?”, and more!

“As an author, I know how important reviews are. Every so often I’ll go check on Goodreads or Amazon to see if anyone has reviewed my book.

…I want to know what other people think. So I’ve put together a survey to find out.”

what are your thoughts on book reviews_.png


Malachi made a survey, about reviews, for authors to fill out and one for readers/reviewers to fill out! Click here to see them. 

“One last thing. After reading this post, go review a book that you really liked but hadn’t gotten around to reviewing. Although I can’t speak for the entire author community, I will say that the authors I know love reviews. Be honest, be detailed, be encouraging.”

 See Malachi’s whole post here

C’mon you guys, let’s see how many people we can get to answer these! ~A 🙂

17 thoughts on “Question: what’re your thoughts on book reviews?

  1. I’m going to answer the questions here, but you can give them to him if you want.
    Q: When do you review a book?
    A: Whenever I read one.

    Q: What’s your review philosophy?
    A: Other. I let people know about the bad, but I focus on the good as much as possible.

    Q: Are your reviews generally detailed, generic, both…?
    A: They can be both.

    Q: How do you usually rate books?
    A: I give rating based on the recommended star system of Goodreads.

    Q: Title of Your Book(s)?
    A: None of them are published yet, but I hope to someday.

    Q: Would you rather:
    a. Get nice reviews, where the good in your book is exclusively focused on
    b. Get honest reviews, where what the reader liked and didn’t like is highlighted
    c. Get negative reviews, where the problems with your book are pointed out?
    A: Get honest reviews.

    Q: If you could only have one or the other, which would you prefer:
    a. No Reviews
    b. Negative Reviews?
    A: Negative reviews.

    Q: Which is more important to you:
    a. High star reviews
    b. Detailed reviews?
    A: Detailed reviews.

    Q: If you could choose one, would you rather:
    a. Lots of book sales
    b. Lots of book reviews
    A: Lots of book reviews.

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    1. Hey! Great to hear! I enjoy reading reviews to see if I’d like a book or not, but I can’t seem to write them very well… 😉 I’m sure you’ll be good at it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you review. 🙂

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