How Much of a Library/Book Fan Are YOU?

Yo guys, my sister Kate found this quiz, and I thought it would be a fun conversation starter! How many points did you get?


1. It had no more renewals. *sobs*

2. Yes, ALL the time!! Books better have an eye-catching cover, intriguing title, or already be on my radar– for me to give them a second glance.

3. Umm review on my blog counts, right? 😀

4. Sooo for some reason, every time we go to check a book out, the computer asks if we want to pay our fines first… 😛

5. Nope! lol Found it on my bookshelf in the end.

6. Never, ever.

7. I don’t think so…

8. Wahoo bagpipes!! And drawing lessons!! And writing classes!

9. he.he. All the way yasss. 😎

10. *gulp* I was eating popcorn while reading late at night and wasn’t paying attention because the story was that intense.

11. Absolutely! 💪 Lots of good old books are waaay up there on page count!

12. Surprisingly, yes! A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall. ❤

13. To my siblings (including nonbiological), yes. 😉 But, in general, I try not to “trash-talk” books but just have opinions if that makes sense??

14. Totally!! I’ve read The Scarlet Pimpernel maybe five times, Through All Things way more than I can count, The Book Thief is a continual reread, and those are just my most recently reread ones!

15. Rather. 😉

“I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” ~ The Book Theif, by Marcus Zusak


“It’s incredible how precious everything looks when you know you’re about to lose it.” ~ Sent, by Margaret Peterson Haddix


“Look at the sea, girls– all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn’t enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.” ~Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I got 11 out of 15! What did you get? ~Anna

30 thoughts on “How Much of a Library/Book Fan Are YOU?

  1. Great post. 😉 This was a lot of fun to read. 😉

    I got 11/15 too. 😉
    1–I can’t think of any.
    2–Who hasn’t? ;P
    3–Yep! 53 to be exact lol. No library reads’ reviews yet, though.
    4–Yes… but it wasn’t my fault. 😉
    5–Probably lol. I lose things a lot. 😉
    6–Yeah… but I don’t think it was always my fault either.
    7–I don’t think so!
    9–No, but that sounds cool!!
    10–Yes. *hides* Drinking juice in the car while reading a library book is NOT recommended.
    11–Yes! I can’t think of any from the library per se, but I have read some of those giant books. 😉
    12–I don’t think so, sadly.
    13–Yes… to my sisters. 😉
    14–A L W A Y S. (unless it’s a really bad book or a baby one, etc).
    15–For sure. Especially from “Little Women.” 😉 My sister and I can quote entire dialogues. xD So much fun!!

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    1. Hey thanks, Katja! 😀 And great score! lol Drinking juice in a car while reading does sound rather … exciting. 😉 😛 Love how you wrote out your answers to each question, it was fun to read!


  2. Haha! I love it!!
    1. Yes. Les Miserables… XD
    2. How could we not?? It’s our first impression of a book! I try to go beyond covers most times, but still!
    3. My blog 😉
    4. — 11. Nope, all the way around. I’m jealous of anyone with enough libraries to go to several in one day.
    12. You better believe it!!
    13. Hmm…I don’t think so…I hope not…there’s been books I’ve really disliked, though.
    14. Y.E.S. Sometimes multiple times in one year.
    15. HAHAHA. *scans my bookshelf trying to decide who to quote* *picks the saddest one possible and breaks my 13-year-old heart all over again* “It was well that I did not know. It was in mercy that He Who knew the end from the beginning did not lift the veil.” Mary Anna Jackson’s memoir of Stonewall Jackson. I’m still not sure how I managed to handle that book at that age.

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    1. Aw you didn’t finish Les Mis??? It’s a pretty hard story tho, so I don’t blame you.
      Oooh man you had me laughing and groaning over your answer to 15!! You poor 13 yr old thing!! XD
      Thanks for doing this fun thing, Kassie! 🙂


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