I have decided to look back over the moments in February that I am thankful for, instead of letting it feel like one big gross hard month. πŸ™‚

This isn’t a list to show off things I’ve gotten to do. It’s a whispered thank you to the brave people and happy times who gave me the strength to try to keep laughing and crying and loving and praying. I didn’t do so very well at all, but I did try. ; )

These are some of the little things that gave me joy–


Dancing in the freezing rain.

Vanilla ice cream tastes even more amazing when eaten straight from the carton with plastic spoons from McDonald’s drive-through, while sitting in the back of a special van named Ellis with two buddies-in-crime during a cold wind.


Music that is AMAZING for the soul! “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath // “Fall On Me” by Andrea Bocelli // “Not Forgotten” by YoungHeart

I ate a tablespoon of frosting, just because.

Babysitting an ex-racehorse who boards in our backyard and throwing on jeans, tall boots, a huge sweatshirt, and a baseball cap when I had to feed him in the middle of a hail/mud storm.


Randomly laughing at a dear memory that popped into my head.

I started a new book of memories (aka, a journal), and also enjoyed reading over old entries and reminiscing (or cringing πŸ˜‰βœŒ).

Exclaiming over the rainbows coming through the windows at my friends’s house!


This poem about the moon.

Reliving history with a special elderly friend, and the immense joy just one simple memory brought to her face.

Our sibling writing party : )

Babysitting my nephews, and going “wheee!!!” together as the youngest and I swung. ❀


Getting to surprise my bff Maggie for her birthday!


The majestic, insane skies God gifted us with. ❀

The surprise picnic lunch at the park, that Paul planned, with just us sibs. πŸ™‚

Smelling rain in the air while reading good books: Annie’s Life in Lists, Captain Superlative, The Scarecrow and His Servant, The Always War, and Arthur, For the Very First Time.

The horse’s heart-shaped blaze– God is so creative and artistic!

What specific moment recently are you thankful for? ~A

25 thoughts on “Moments

  1. It looks like February was a hard month. And not as great as it could’ve been, but there’s still so many February blessings to be grateful for- and you have quite the great list. ❀

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    1. Yeah, real hard. :/ For you too, Jo? Yes yes so much to be grateful for! And it sure didn’t seem like it until I wrote out this whole list and saw just how much God did that month. ❀

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  2. Anna this is a nice post. Baby sitting for a former race horse is thrilling. Your nephew is a doll. I love McDonald;s vanilla ice cream. Delicious. I am thankful that the snow we have been having wasn’t as bad as predicted.

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  3. Aww….this was sweet to read ❀ Your nephew is adorable!!
    Some moments…..laughing together with my sister while we cleaned her room before she got married; playing the piano for my sisters wedding; laughing with friends while crying and being held in a sweet hug after the two love birds left for the honeymoon……all wedding related, I know, but those were some really fun memories during a very emotional, chaotic, and precious time!

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    1. And one more β€” I was complaining that I hadn’t had any time with just Mom and I with the wedding β€” and then she went and fell at 11:30 at night the night before the wedding, so I drove her to the hospital so Dad could drive the other kids early in the morning to the wedding venue. We had several hours together, and didn’t get home ’til 3:30 in the morning… we had LOTS of time together. And after they gave her pain meds, we had a grand ol’ time! πŸ˜€ It was welcome (if it left us tired!) during a busy time!


  4. *smiles* sitting in the edge of the bed in the middle of the afternoon eating ice cream with my husband that we had forgotten was in the freezer.

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been doing weird early morning and late night shifts at work, and its been hard to have pleasant attitude. But its important to stop and realize all those little moments of bliss, the tiny blessing that you take for granted.

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    1. That is so cute! 😊 A simple little happy thing. ❀

      Eh wow sounds like a hard stressful work situation! So glad to have been able to bless you. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good perspective!


  5. This is a terrific idea for a post! Recently, I was reminded of how very grateful I am for the youth group I’m involved in through a local church. Fellowship and friendship are gifts from God. ❀

    By the way, could you tell me what theme you used for your blog? I absolutely love it. πŸ™‚

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