This Post Is Not Named After the Tag Because That’s Boring {video}

Watch me freeze on my swing while I answered 20 book related questions as fast as I could!

Tagged by Clay Black  (thank you!!)

Filmed by Pearl (in one take, WOW!)

Music by Nobody, with cooold wind by God ❤

soooo COLD!!! XD

The Questions: Buy or Borrow? Fiction or Nonfiction? Can you listen to music and read at the same time? When do you do the most reading? How do you find new books? What is your favorite book? What is the last book someone suggested to you? Watch the movie as well, or just read the book? Read it all in one sitting, or over a few days? E-book, or paperback?

Comment with your answers!!! ~Anna

16 thoughts on “This Post Is Not Named After the Tag Because That’s Boring {video}

  1. “Pretend it was never made..” *dies laughing a thousand times* WOW ANNA WOW XD *claps* Great job on the tag! I… should probably go work on mine.. heh. *slumps over to the editor*
    Also, you have some pretty neat friends. 😀 And Tales Of Two Cities is so hard to reeeeeeead- a lot by Dickens is so hard to read. 😛

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    1. Yo, haven’t you ever done that? Decided a movie, who gave an amazing book a bad name, simply never existed? XD For instance “THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL” !!!!!! *commences rant* 😛 😉
      Glad my lil video gave you a good laugh, Jo! 😀 I was listening to yours (yas, i’m horrible about leaving comments on other ppl’s posts *hides forever*) while doing math the other day and was enjoying it so much I had to turn it off to get some math done!! 😂 We are frighteningly alike!!
      Aw yeah. My friends are the bestest. ❤
      Ooh is it hard to read??! Nevertheless, I SHALL get through it someday!!

      Thanks for your fun comment, Jo!


  2. That was sooo fun Anna!! I started watching, and pretty soon that while family was watching too. There’s my siblings for you, lol! 😂😄😍
    I have a copy of A Tale of Two Cities too… And haven’t gotten around to it yet. 😁 It looks interesting, but I’m putting it off. 🙃😜

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    1. Thanks, Eric! I’ve only recently read some sci-fi books like The Martian and a series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, but I still haven’t read much in that genre. Is sci-fi something you like? Oooh yeah, fantasy like The Hobbit is fun!

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