Ask us your questions! {Weird Author Sibling Chat #3}

So excited to announce another “Weird Author Sibling Chat” happening live on Facebook tomorrow!! Ask us questions! Listen to us talk about weird stuff and Christmassy stuff!


Kate Willis, Paul Willis, and Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick, all amazing authors, are also my amazing siblings!

In June, the four of us decided to get together and put on a fun, super informal livestream video, and we had a blast and loved all your questions!! And y’all begged enough for us to do a second “Weird Author Sibling Chat”, that we did it again.

Join us for a third “Weird Author Sibling Chat” on Wednesday, December 12th at 2:30 pm. 

(on Facebook only)

Click here to watch!

Comment with your questions or ask them during the livestream! Can’t wait to see you there! ~Anna

11 thoughts on “Ask us your questions! {Weird Author Sibling Chat #3}

  1. OMGOODNESS IM SO EXCITED! How come you’re not doing it on YouTube? I’ll try really hard to get to watching it because YOUR GUYS ARE SO MUCH FUN!

    Questions umm…
    How is Paul’s sequel coming?
    How is Eagledare coming ANNA!?
    What’s your guys favorite Christmas tradition?
    What’s your favorite holiday in general?
    Fuzzy socks or no?
    If you need more I’ll come up with moreeee!!!! 💖

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    1. Hooray!!! So glad you’re excited, Libby! XD ❤

      We're only doing it on Facebook this time because we'll actually be in two different locations doing two-screens-but-one-livestream-whatever-it's-called with a nifty program. 😛 Kinda sad, but hopefully everyone can still tune in anyway!

      FANtastic questions, girl!! Thank you tons!

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  2. When is the release date for Eagledare? (This question should almost be for Kate, if she’s still of the same mind she was on Sunday) 😛
    Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook, so I won’t be able to watch it live… 😦

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  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I refuse to miss it this time! Again. 😛
    Kay, questions.
    -on a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate editing?
    -what was your first NaNoWriMo, and did you win?
    -favorite Christmas cookie?
    -favorite carol?
    -how’s that Christian version of Wattpad coming along?
    -what did you think of the new Avengers 4 trailer? (Jk, 😛 XD)
    -what’s a gift you’d like to give and to receive?

    See ya later today, I guess! XD

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  4. Sadly, I don’t have Facebook either, so I won’t be able to watch it… It’s so sad, because every time you do this, we happen to be on a trip or something… 😛 xD So, I haven’t been there for any of them!!! 😦 But, can I ask questions anyways? 😀 You’ll just have to tell me y’all’s answers later or something… 😛

    1. When you are opening wrapped presents, do you prefer to rip the paper open as fast as you can, or open it VERY carefully with out ripping the paper?
    2. If you could have 3 of your wishes come true on Christmas, what would they be?
    3. How much time do you usually spend writing in a week?

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    1. Oh Rosy, that’s so sad!!! I think you can watch the video now afterward even without Facebook… try clicking the link and see if it works! 🙂 Hope it does!
      We super enjoyed your questions, and I think we ended up doing all three between the two different videos. Thanks so much for your fantastic questions! ❤


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