This Autumn, Remember

This autumn I want to remember one thing. Crazy goal, right? But in all seriousness, it seems to be the hardest thing in the world to remember right now.

It’s this–

God is the one who made the trees with a word, He created them and they are beautiful, He is the one who keeps them sturdy, and He is also the one who allows their leaves to dry out and drop in the fall.

God is the one who made us with a word, He created us and that is beautiful, He is the one who keeps us sturdy. And He is also the one who allows us to dry out and crumble sometimes.

I love autumn. It is a beautiful season of chilly breezes, rainy days, and bright slices of color drifting through the grey air. And so is this season in my life; It can be beautiful too.

With my chronic illness I go from spunky, sports-y, witty girl to a limp, head-achey, annoyable person within minutes. It plunges me suddenly into a wilting state, and it all feels like one big, sludge rain puddle.

I’m not asking for a bunch of really sweet, sympathetic comments. (Y’all are dears, tho! ❤ ) I’m asking you to join me in remembering this one simple thing this fall.

That what we think is ugly and dying in our lives, might really be something God has brought our way to be beautiful.

Sometimes we need to get to the end of ourselves. We need to dry out and crumble like the leaves. And then we need to drop to our knees and beg for His help.

That is what makes it beautiful like fall leaves are beautiful.

And He keeps His promises; He will help. ❤ Spring always comes again.

I might not see it yet

You keep your promises

My brother reminded me of this song on the first day of autumn, and it has become a new favorite and really got me thinking. Hope you enjoy, and TTYL! 🙂 ~A

Lyrics: By Andrew Osenga, David and JJ Heller

Sandals in the closet

Jackets by the door

Orange, red, life and death

Scattered round the feet of the sycamore

The waiting hands of winter

Catch us when we fall

Is it just me?

I can’t believe

The green of spring was ever here at all

You keep your promises

You keep your promises

I might not see it yet

You keep your promises

Everyone I care for

Just like every perfect dream

Withers, fades, and drifts away

Feels like we’re all falling with the leaves

You keep your promises

You keep your promises

I might not see it yet

You keep your promises

There is hope within the breaking of the heart of every seed

I know you feel the aching at the end of all good things

I believe in restoration

I believe that you redeem

Because I know somehow the sycamore will bloom again in spring

You keep your promises

You keep your promises

I might not see it yet

There will be life again

You keep your promises

You keep your promises

I might not see it yet

You keep your promises

28 thoughts on “This Autumn, Remember

  1. P.S. this is the post I mentioned writing, back in “This is fun/funny” , and I’m still not sure it makes sense but my bro liked it so… Hope you do to and that it encourages you this autumn! 🙂

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    1. dis sister likes it too ❤ 😉 Really cool comparison!
      Love JJ Heller's songs, especially this one!! And Anne's dear quote ❤ ❤
      I'm with ya, Chronic Illness gets really hard and discouraging, but God is helping us. SPRING will come again ❤

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  2. Anna I too like Autumn. The cool,clear skies are a welcome relief from the hot not clear sky in Summer. There is no feeling like putting on Fall clothes and walking through a sidewalk covered with leaves.
    Thank You for this beautiful post.

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      1. AHA! That’s actually really interesting, because I’ve heard of Hasimotos. Someone tried to convince my mom she had it, though she doesn’t. That’s a gut-related auto-immune disease, isn’t it? I am sorry it gives you so much trouble, though. 😦


  3. Anna, this was beautiful! You somehow managed to put what I feel into words on a page in a way that makes perfect sense! I have seen the ugly and the messy and the broken made beautiful again and again, and I have seen beautiful things come from the mess, yet I have never been able to describe it so eloquently. I have never actually heard it described so perfectly before, and it was a blessing to me to read this.
    I’m in the hospital right now, sitting with my grandfather who had another operation . And being in a hospital means you see a lot of pain, and suffering, and tears. I was crying yesterday in the waiting room when I saw a mother and son walk in crying, and one whole section of the room stood to greet them. There had been a car accident, and the whole church was there praying for them. When the doctor called them back, they went while the church prayed, and I cried as I saw the son come out sobbing, and fall on the ground, and the mother soon after, shaking with silent torment. The men of the church lifted him back up, prayed with them, held them, and reminded them of God’s promises. I don’t know what happened, but it was a raw moment, full of emotion, that gave glory to sovereign Lord by the way the church supported and reacted to whatever news the family received.
    As a side note, I did pass them in the hospital this morning, talking about how well “she” was doing =)
    I don’t fully understand chronic illness, but I have those moments of being so stressed with grandparents health as the main caregiver that I have physically ended up ill — smiling one moment, pounding headache the next, extreme fatigue and no energy for weeks at a time, while having to somehow manage to continue to be a caregiver. Do you mind if I ask what chronic illness you have? I’ll be praying for you! Remember: “Great is His faithfulness!”
    Now to go listen to the song……

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    1. It makes me immensely happy to think my post encouraged you, Kaitlyn. Your life sounds really really hard right now, and I am praying for you. ❤ Amen, girl, He is forever faithful and so good!

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  4. Thank you so much for reminding me! I’ve been dealing with some pain lately as well, and I’ve been thinking…Why do so many of us just pass the prettiest things in this life? A leaf, a drop of water, a friend’s smile. God has been so good to us, and we should be so thankful!
    I’m praying for you and your family as you go through this illness. ❤

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  5. Beautiful!! I’m so sorry for you girl!! Praying for you for strength, perseverance, joy, and peace!!! That’s a great song btw! (Never heard it but it LOOKS like a great song 😉) ❤

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