A “Me, Currently” Type of Post

Hey guys! Today’s post is loooong, because I’ve been sadly neglecting life updates this month from being a little burned out from the book party (which was epic btw!!). ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

First I want to say …don’t think that my life is all sunshine and roses because it definitely isn’t. But I’ve been practicing finding the good things in storms too, like rain and Fall leaves, and that’s what I try to focus on.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you enjoy this gigantic explosion of happy things!!

Last time I simply talked about things going on in my life was September 4th. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So I’ll be catching up on that a bit since there are a few big highlights from September that I never blogged about!

The biggest one being…


My family day tripped to our church’s camp Saturday, and it was a blast!ย (hover for captions)

Credit: five of these photos were taken by my sweet friend Rosy โค

I think my favorite moments of the day were our dinner tailgate party, playing laser tag around the cabins, mostly-staying-awake during an amazing sermon down at The Quiet Place, pausing halfway down the hill with my sis to sing in harmony beneath the trees, and bundling up in my bro’s huge snuggly sweatshirt & laying in the field to watch the stars. Basketball knockout was pretty fun too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I felt very ill most of the time but my cool peoples made the day amazing anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I ended up sleeping aall the way home on Kate’s shoulder. ๐Ÿ˜›ย  Only my lips got sunburnt, isn’t that weird??!!


Also, we’ve been getting to babysit these cute squishies a lot! โค

And since our church is moving buildings soon, us kids made sure to get together in the foyer (w/ glorious acoustics!) and sing some like the ol’ days! Need to do that again soon…

oh haha, guess what– one night I dreamed a dream and now have an almost entire plot for an old, ever-changing story idea!!! XD


Then I caught a cold that took forever to shake, but I still got a lot of work done with Pearl on posts for our blog together!! So that was good. And I ate yummy, sugary, homemade peanut butter cups she made… despite being sick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reading the finished draft of Kate’s Christmas short story “The Least of These” aloud to my sisters in weird voices was fun. ๐Ÿ˜€ Believe me, guys, I could make the bestests deep work of art sound like a comedy… I’m talented.


Oh, and have you ever written things backward? Like, truly backward? I experimented with it, and it’s really weirdly hard and satisfying. Try it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Random poetry for my WIP “Eagledare” would keep popping into my head, like this…

curled up tight on a rooftop, high above the ground, battered by each raindrop, she wept without a sound

Dumb? Cheesy? The counting/rhyming painful? Yep, but hey poetry is a first for me! XD

Binged on Robert Frost poetry and began playing around with illustrating poems and quotes into my journal. โค

Went to my brother’s college’s football game with the oldest sibs, their Christian club, and my sis&bro-in-law and two oldest nephews! It was the lil boys’ first time, and they were so cute!! Cheering for certain players, answering my small buddy’s innumerable questions, and sharing sticky M&Ms with him… it was great. ๐Ÿ™‚ And um… I might have almost exploded with happiness when, before the game began, some of our players knelt to pray!!! โค So cool.

RAIN RAIN RAIN the last day of September. Thank you, Hurricane Rosa!! Totally delightful thunder/rainstorm during and after church.

The Five Fall Favorites party started next day, Oct 1st, and all the wonderful comments that came pouring in kept me on my toes! But guess what I actually got to writing?? The sky was still all cozy and dripping from the big storm, so my sibs and I called a writing party. And I got 318 words done on Eagledare’s low point!!!!! That’s kinda big… considering I haven’t gotten to/been-able-to work on it for a while now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thrift shopping– scored a few yummy, fall colored shirts in like-new condition! YAY! Plus took billions of pics for Kate’s cool book thrifting post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (she didn’t say i could share behind-the-scenes pics but… ๐Ÿ˜› )

That same day we swung by one of our local libraries, drooled over a case of vintage books for sale, and checked out a gigantic number of books. Y’ALL I BOUGHT THE COOLEST THING!! That’s right, a 1922 Kipling anthology! It’s darling!!


Ice cream. Of course. ๐Ÿ˜€

Spent all day at our favorite, Christian coffee shop called “Enroute” with Dad and Paul. Loved spending time with them!! Sung along to the epic songs playing, talked with Dad a bunch about random things, read an entire fascinating book Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix, worked on lots of FFF book party comments, and drank a delicious cold mocha frap… even though it was coldish out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Scrawled out story plot notes during church *hides* XD

Our family went to a friend’s house for dinner for her birthday, which was really cool. Afterward, we played a terribly funny board game, and, well, we ended up having a contest of who could sing Jingle Bells the loudest. I won.

Pearl and I wandered around Michael’s for forever with our birthday gift cards (thanks a TON, Auntie Sue!!) and both finally decided on cute journaling supplies! It’s been super neato to come up with new creative ways to record happenings and thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Read aloud to my littlest sister up in our treehouse. Daddy had just finished mowing so the air smelled good and fresh, and the sunset was too stunning for words, and the crazy wind was absolutely lovely!! We laughed a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

The weather was so yummy that night, it was unanimously voted to move our family Bible study outside!

Sweatshirts, good Bible discussions, a gentle breeze, laundry on the line, fun socks with boots, and the silliness of all trying to squish onto one bench. ๐Ÿ™‚ A dear time!

Even later that same night I played a Spy Game in the pitch dark with my younger sisters. They made it up, and it was fantastic and hard!! We even had characters and code names. They decided my code name was “Creepy Agent” so I wore a huge sweatshirt with the hood pulled low over my face and talked in a growly Batman voice and I’m pretty sure I ruined my throat for eternity. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve been enjoying passing this deep, thought-provoking question around–ย  “If you were fat would you rather waddle like a penguin or roll like a bowling ball?” It’s fun to see ppl’s responses. ๐Ÿ˜‚ย I’m pretty sure I’d rather roll like a bowling ball; it’d be a kinda cool way to get around!

Two of my younger sisters and I went to a friend’s birthday party. We all played super crazy fun games, ate yummy snacks, had hilarious conversations. and watched a really cool movie version of Pollyanna!ย 

lol I don’t exactly take sermon notes in a normal-person way… they’re all scattered and random and mostly just my own thoughts I’m having while listening and soaking in the sermon’s message.

Listened to a super good sermon from Pastor Young on loving others with NO excuses.

Saturday, October 13– SOOO much rain that there were flash-flood warnings and rushing rivers for streets and pounding cold wonderfulness and soaked boots and wet hair. It was simply delightful!!

*clarity not clearity ๐Ÿ˜›

Dad and I went to a coffee shop for an hour or two, and I had the best hot chocolate ever. (which felt traitorous in a coffee shop but hey it was amazing and warm lol). I read almost a whole book that was genius and humorous at the same time– From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweilerย by E.L. Konigsburg. Then we picked up Aimee and Paul from pro-life training, grabbed some french fries for dinner (perfection), and The AmAZing Paul bought us vanilla milkshakes. โค

That night my older siblings and I went to the Homecoming football game… which was super sloppy from the rain and our team got totally crushed, but it was still a great time and cheering for players 7, 8, and 42 was super. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oct 14– we got to watch a gorgeous sunset on the drive home from church. โค Then while Mom and Dad went to grab some stuff for a thrown-together dinner, us kids went on a nighttime neighborhood walk.

Funny story– our porch light is motion activated, but a lot of us girls are too short to get it to turn on, so we jump and wave our arms for it to work. XD

Our walk was complete with singing in harmony, almost going with the instinct to run through our neighbor’s sprinklers then not, talking about what looked to be a smiley face on the moon, and laughing that the smoke smell in the air was our pizza burning (cuz we truly did have a small pizza in the oven that we had to rush back to take out). Oh, and we like to carol our empty house for a little while as we stand outside waiting for the person with the key to get the door open. ๐Ÿ˜›

sweet sibs

Was feeling pretty sick one day but it was so marvelous out Mom convinced us to move to the back porch and do our low-energy things out there! Reading in the chilly afternoon air and leaving the back door open to share the yumminess with the indoor people.

Aaand so…. ever after, the house has been infested with flies. ๐Ÿ˜‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‚ย Once, I studied a fly that was my constant companion while I was journaling, and he got a name and even a whole journal page devoted to him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

being crazy, of course

Read all of a novella I was writing a few years back called “Country Girl” and super enjoyed the silly real-life quotes in it–

James just won and is being a proud beast about it. Wow, now heโ€™s crowing and attempting to pat himself on the back! Iโ€™d better finish this up and help Fern chase him down with ice cubes.

~ excpert from a letter the MC writes

But as I realized just how important the theme is to me and yet how weak the current plot is, I dunno if I’ll ever finish writing the story…


Oct 17– attended a Boots In the House event and decorated shipping boxes that will be packed and sent to soldiers as Christmas care packages.ย  โค It was an absolutely priceless special opportunity to get to help with such an important mission.

“Boots In The House” is an exciting term military family members use when they are announcing their military family member has come home or is coming home! We do many things for our service members, past, present, and future, but the biggest thing is sending care packages to our deployed troops in hostile and remote locations. ~from their FB page

behind-the-scenes of doing a hairstyle on Princess M

Worked with Pearl on our lifestyle blog Life Without A Latte… we did a super fun series all about fast hairstyles!

So much has happened already since I first started writing this post, but those stories will have to wait till later so I can finally get this published. XD I’ll finish off with some more pics of my journal sketches…

If you truly made it to the end of all this huge long thing then tons of CONFETTI FOR YOU!!! lol

What’s been going on with you guys lately? Tell me, I’d love to talk! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~A

31 thoughts on “A “Me, Currently” Type of Post

    1. Aw thanks, Maria! XD Idk why but that was just a silly random phrase that popped into my head when I was trying to think of something to write backward, so no worries. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Yep, it’s actually really cool to think of how God made us each beautiful in different ways, nobody exactly the same as anyone else!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I made it to the end!!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› Confetti for me!!
    Definitely roll like a bowling ball!! (Haha, reminds me of Paul’s weird invisible hamster ball XD) It would be weird/cool…
    AWWW!! โค โค My cute squishies!!! Love that pic. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dish towels make a fantastic back-drop. Lol
    Some great, dear times ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha YAY!
      Agreed! ๐Ÿ‘Š It be all tactical and fast and stealthy and cool to be able to roll around all quickly. (Lol right??!!)
      Yes are Squishies are adorable! โคโค
      LOL fantastic backdrop indeed. ๐Ÿ˜›
      Yep yep, Pearly!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, Anna, what a post! Looks like a lot of good family fun, if you ask me! Also OOH, what a LOVELY vintage book! I went to a book sale in September and got an entire set of Dickens, printed in the 1870s. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. Ahh, it was lovely. I love vintage books! Oh, and I can’t WAIT to read Kate’s short story. And nice journal entries!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Aria! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeppers, a whole lot of wonderful family time, it’s been so great getting to do more together recently!
      RIGHT?!! โค I’m totally in love with it!
      OH WOW that is entirely too amazing, wow wow lovely!!! I bet you get stuck just looking at them and petting their covers and drooling over the pictures. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ Vintage books are the best.
      Eeehh I can’t wait to have you read Kate’s story so we can talk about it!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I forget, you’ve read “Kiera” right??
      Thanks for commenting, lady!


      1. I KNOW, RIGHT? I’m in love with vintage books. YES, I CAN’T WAIT EITHER! Yes, and I loved it. In fact I read the whole thing twice and my favorite parts over and over. IT WAS SO GOOD.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Your journals are so cool! Sounds like you have been busy, but still noticing the small things. Great post!
    P.S. I love writing backwards sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw thanks, Brooklyne! I love journaling, and this special way makes it even more fun and unique. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mm yes, I’m trying my best to remember to! โค
      haha That's great!! XD After I practiced it for a while, I couldn't STOP writing backward! lol ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. Loved this post! Hope y’all made it through Rosa alright. Florence hit our church property very hard. But, everyone is ok, praise the Lord!

    Was it the Disney version of Pollyanna? That’s our favorite!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Eeek I’m so glad you enjoyed this long rambly post!! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Thanks tons, lady, we were blessed to just enjoy the rain part of Rosa with no real damage. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh boy, I’m sorry! Glad no one was hurt!! โค

      I think the version we watched was PBS (basically by BBC), and the casting was perfection! (except she had red hair, but that was forgivable ๐Ÿ˜› ) I'll have to look up the Disney version!


  5. Aw, that sounds simply awesome! I love church camps! And hey, we make artistic sermon notes too? ๐Ÿ˜€ that sounds like such a cool coffee shop. And rain! The world after rain smells so clean XD
    My life? It seems like itโ€™s all homework! ๐Ÿ˜› and the secret to the secret ๐Ÿ˜ but yeah, itโ€™s crazy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES church camp was WOW!! You do artistic sermon notes too?? *a billion fist bumps*
      It is a super cool coffee shop! Do you have a favorite coffee shop nearby?
      Mmm yum *sniffs air* lovely. lovely. rain. โค โค
      lol You poor thing! Squeeze some fun stuff into life too! (y)

      Thanks for your comment, Jo! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow that was a long post. I couldnโ€™t read it all all the way in detail, but over all it looks like youโ€™ve been putting a lot of effort into finding the good things in life and I admire that so much. Youโ€™re an amazing girl and God has some great things in His plan for you. Praying for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Beautiful to see what youโ€™ve been up to! I love all your optimism, and hearing about what fun youโ€™ve been having with your siblings. Your journal is so pretty! Youโ€™re inspiring me at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this crazy post, Julia! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha “Attack of The Colds” sounds like an epic cd title or band name or novel even… lol lol Hope you are able to stay clear of The Colds this winter! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw YAY Liz!! It delights me when a post of mine can brighten someone’s day a little. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yep my sibs are pretty precious โค ๐Ÿ˜‰ OH IKR??!! I truly almost exploded with happiness!!! (and ended up cheering and clapping and making my sibs look and yeah lol *hides*) My brother is classmates/buddies with two of those guys so idk that was just super cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This is SUCH a fun post! Iโ€™m glad yโ€™all had a good time at camp. โค I went thrift store book shopping yesterday and got the first and third book of the Mysterious Benedict Society which I’m thrilled about. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey thanks, Lilian! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aw yes, Camp was completely amazing! โค
      Oooh man, that is super exciting!!! I haven't even read the first Mysterious Benedict Society yet, but Kate way enjoyed it and wouldn't stop telling me really cool spoilers, so those must have been epic thrift store finds!! High five to you!
      Thanks so much for commenting, Lilian! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I *think* I read it allโ€ฆ xD You Willis girls are all so pretty!! Ooo, I need to check out your other blog. Fast hairstyles, that sounds good! I hate spending time working on my hair, etc. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA you. are. amazing. lol Confetti for you, Katja!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Aw thanks tons, girl! โค
      That's so exactly me… On weekdays if a hairstyle takes more than just a few seconds I probably won't end up doing it at all. So yeah for sure look at Life Without A Latte because we tried to find easy fast hairstyles, and it's helped me so much!! Hope it helps you too. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for this comment!


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