An Artist For Book-Lovers + Giveaway! {Ink Blotted Beka blog tour}

I love art. I love seeing an elusive concept come to life as a real thing, under the hand of a creative. It’s similar to watching a wisp of a story idea turn into a heavy, hard, tangible bundle of delicious words.

Then to see those characters, so close to your heart, really truly there before your eyes??! It must be a wonder.


Book-lover/artist Beka recently launched a business of doing just that for authors– sketching characters from their books! โค


Beka hails from the Great White North (aka Canada), where she reads, dreams, and doodles away.

She loves bringing characters from the written page to the visual eye, and dabbles in pencil and colored pencil and the occasional watercolor. Her dream is to one day get into digital art and save some trees.

See her work and connect: Facebook page and Instagram!ย ย 


Commissions are open now, and I simply LOVE her most recent piece she drew for Katie Hย of her main character! Feast your eyes…


(and I gotta say, a Western Fantasy sounds epic!!)

I enjoyed looking through Beka’s portfolio, and you can too!

But here are a few of my personal favorites. ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Disclaimer: characters from books I’ve never read… but I like the art!)ย ๐Ÿ˜€


Enter for the chance to win a custom drawing by Beka!!ย 


Hope you enjoyed all the pretty drawings, and be sure to show Beka your support and love on her Facebook and Instagram!

Wouldn’t it be immensely cool to get your favorite characters drawn by Beka??!!ย  *runs off to count my pennies* ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~Anna


INk blotted beka (1).png

Follow the entire blog tour (including interviews of the artist!) for Beka’s business launch.

Check it out here!

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