My Top 5 Favorite Books In 2018 {vlog}

It’s officially the last day of the Five Fall Favorites book recommendation party! I decided to do this final genre a little differently and made y’all a video. πŸ™‚Β 

FIRST GO STALK REBEKAH’S BLOG!!! Why? haha Because today is the day we all get to find out who the giveaway 1st and 2nd prize winners are!!! Idk about you, but I’m super excited!


Top 5 Favorite Books of 2018Β 

stories I like that… I had a hard time choosing which to mention πŸ˜›

Untitled design (7)

Sorry in advance for the awkward person (me), bad lighting (or lack-of-lighting), random car noises (I was outside), and the weird tripod (my shaky arm). πŸ˜› I waited to make this video until we had visited the library so I could show each book — thus the night darkness. For the awkward person, I have no excuse. lol πŸ˜€

I filmed the following video late last evening and then stayed up half editing it for you and half watching comedy… hope you enjoy seeing My Top 5 Favorite Books In 2018! πŸ˜€

(the books in the order I talked about them)

Wisp, by Paul Willis

Beautiful Blue World (see my fangirly review here) and also Threads of Blue, by Suzanne LaFleurΒ 

Through All Things, by Malachi Cyr (see fangirling & character interview here)

Under Their Skin, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Liar & Spy, by Rebecca Stead


This has been a great week. So much fun getting to talk about favorite reads of mine and hearing about yours too for an entire week!

What are YOUR top five favorite books you’ve read this year?? (lol Such a hard question, right?!)




FFF - bikes (1).png


Put a few novels in your bike’s basket

and go find an adventure this autumn! ❀

22 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Books In 2018 {vlog}

    1. Oh boy I’m so awkward in front of a camera, I promise I’m not that goofy in real life! (I think???!!) lol *hides* Happy you enjoyed the video, Julia girl! πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

  1. That’s it Anna! I’m borrowing Beautiful Blue World and Liar And Spy right now! I gotta knowwwww XD XD
    I blame you for any fangirl reactions that might come just so you know!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That was a fun way to wrap your posts up, Anna! πŸ™‚ “Liar and Spy” sounds interesting. I’ll have to see if our library has it.

    Thanks for being a part of our party this year! It was such fun coming and reading your favorite books every day. πŸ˜€


    1. Aw thanks, Rebekah!
      Oooh definitely try Liar and Spy, it’s fascinating. πŸ˜‰

      Absolutely, dear! It was a total blast. πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for all you do to make it possible for us to participate in such a cool thing. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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