A Bad Dream Woke Me Up

What do you do when you almost lose someone. Your friend. When they were seconds away from never again smiling at everyone, never again just always being there.

But then God lets them stick around some more.

And things get to go on like normal.

Except that when you see them it all flashes into your mind, and you feel like a fist slams into your throat when you realize what could have happened.

But at the same time you are struck with unspeakable joy, so so deeply glad you can see them here and now.

I think we humans are forgetful. In the middle of normal life, we forget how happy things are and how thankful we should be. Sadly, we have to see an entire life flash before our eyes and be scared into remembering to delight in the souls around us while they are here.

I was scared. And yes, underneath it all I am terribly glad to have my eyes opened to just how good and merciful God is to give us so much happiness. But now I want to always remember!

I want to cherish every single beautiful day, every breath I am given to breathe, every second God gives me with my people.

Let’s cherish each moment. ~A

33 thoughts on “A Bad Dream Woke Me Up

  1. P.S. I so almost didn’t post this, and I might still end up regretting that I did. But guys, I decided to share this bit of my heart anyway, just in case it might encourage you and remind you to cherish the blessings in your life and enjoy the people God brings your way.

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  2. Awhile back my little brother was bit by a rattlesnake, TWICE, in those minutes following… Well, the idea that there was a possibility that my little brother (only 4 at the time, I think) could suddenly be taken away. Anything could happen, life is such a delicate thing, really it takes your breath away when you stop and actually think about how fast life can be gone – in a blink of an eye. Thank God my little brother was alright! But a bit later it came to my attention, that any time my mom, dad, or brothers leave the house, there was a possibility I would never see them or hear them again.
    I have made it my personal goal to live as if it was my family member’s last day to live, as if it was the very last time I saw them, or spoke to them. Even in every day activities, such as chores, or doing something my mom has asked me to help with, I try to remember “what if this was her last day, am I doing this with the sort of attitude I want to remember as a last memory?”
    Definitely try this some time! If your family (or friend) asks you to help with something you don’t want to help with and you start to not have a good attitude about it, stop yourself and think, “what if this was the last time I saw this person?” I think you’ll be surprised how fast that thought can change your attitude – at least it has for me. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for reminding us, Anna! We just seem to take every second of our lives and others lives for granted, when in reality, we’re not promised the next. This is a reminder I really needed right now, thanks for not not posting 😉

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  4. Almost everytime I get in the car I think “We could all get into a car accident and die.” Or, “Driving on the road is actually really dangerous.” But then I would realise that I would be passing on with someone else (the driver or more coz I can’t drive yet) and that’s a happy thought.

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  5. This spoke to me so much. I felt like you wrote it just for me. Thank you ❤❤❤ And I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time too. I’m praying for you 💕💕💕

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  6. I know how you feel. I’ve had dreams about this in the past where I lose friends or family. Though I think so far it’s only been family.
    Like once, I had a dream where my dad died, but then it went back in time to the last place I saw him before he died in the dream and I got to say goodbye. It still makes me cry when I think about it. (I was really emotional and woke up crying at like 4 in the morning. I literally don’t remember how long I laid awake in bed crying that morning.)
    Have you seen the movie Infinity War? (If not, don’t read ahead because there are spoilers) When Spider-Man said “I don’t wanna go” everyone was crying but then I was sitting there because that was basically a line from that dream I was talking about above. I had hugged my dad, and I said, “I don’t wanna let go” and it made me think of that so the combination of Spider-Man dying and my sad dream made it super super sad.

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  7. Thank you for deciding to share this bit of your heart with us, Anna! This was beautifully written, and so very poignant. Life is so. very. fragile., and there are so many times we take it for granted. I can clearly remember the time my mother was taken from our home in an ambulance, not breathing, and thinking that I didn’t want the memories of that morning to be my last. Then she came home, recovered from brain surgery, and now, seven years later, I find myself forgetting the lessons the Lord taught me, like the Isrealites kept forgetting God’s faithfulness in the desert. Thank you for the reminder today of how precious life is! This topic has actually been on my mind since reading another blog post recently, and hearing our pastor’s message from this Sunday =)

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  8. Thanks for this post!! This something the Lord has really dealt with me lately about. I’m really understanding why we don’t take ANYTHING for granted.

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  9. Thank you for this post. It is always good to be humble and not take things for granted. Sometimes when things don’t go my way, I get upset. Then I try to remind myself about how lucky I am to have the people I love around me. How lucky I am to have such a strong support system. Never take the people who love you for granted. 💜

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  10. Thank you for this post. It is always good to be humble and not take things for granted. Whenever things don’t go my way and I get upset, I always try to remind myself of how lucky I am to have the people I love around me. How lucky I am to have such a strong support system. 💜

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