A Journal Entry by Me

So I’m supposed to do a blog post today. But I’m plum OUT– Out of energy, out of tiredness, out of brain, out of creativity. So here is a recent journal entry. πŸ˜€

Dear Journal,

It is five minutes until midnight on Friday. We are having THE MOST TERRIFIC storm! ❀ Skull shattering deep rumbles, a non-stopping barrage of heavy raindrops, lightning that flashes the whole dark night back into daytime again.

It is wondrous.



Makes my heart jump. But not just from adrenaline or fear, but also from something further down that makes me want to go out and be a part of it.

Everything about its genius and miraculous power and beautiful presence shouts loudly “Pay attention. God is fantastic and creative and loves making beauty!”

A witness.

What an awesome, mighty God to have made all this! To direct the storms at His bidding. To fill the earth with this spectacular shaking awe. To show the beauty of the rain and the lightning’s jagged threads and the delighting roar of the clouds splitting apart in thunder.

To make me… a mini version of all that. But I am just as loud to those who pay attention.

He made me. A miracle.

He stuck with me. My Saviour.

He has a plan for me. My King.

My heartbeat is the thunder. My tears of joy and sorrow– the rain. And the lightning? So brightly shouting of God’s goodness and mercy and awesomeness? It is what I choose to do with my life, this little insignificant person, every. single. day.

Shout His marvelous works? Or get lost in the fear of the noise and storminess of life?

I choose to BE the storm and SHOUT.


25 thoughts on “A Journal Entry by Me

  1. Take a lil break if you need one Anna. We love you. Awesome post btw. It’s so true about storms. I wish it wasn’t risky to be out in the open when there’s lightning. I’d be out all the time.

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  2. Awesome! Oh, but don’t feel pressured to post on a strict schedule! Your stuff is so refreshing to read either way. πŸ™‚

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  3. Wow! Writing a journal like you do will definitely improve someone’s writing!! It was excellent!! I never knew someone journaled like that.

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  4. Anna don’t feel that you are obligated to blog every day. When you have the time and urge to blog is when you should do it. We will read your blogs no matter how much time is between them.
    God Bless
    Marilyn and Marion

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