The Recent Doings of Anna

“Write about what really interests you -whether it is real things or imaginary things- and nothing else.” ― C.S. Lewis

The past few days I have been focusing on: Camp NaNoWriMo (explains the lack of blog posts *hums innocently*), my friends and family here (life gets really hard, ya’ll, but it’s also really good), schoolwork (because…), and surviving the summer heat (at least, trying to).


Camp NaNoWriMo

I was waay behind on my teensy Camp NaNo goal, so today Paul made me get up early with him to do lots of word sprints. And y’all… HE STARTED A SEQUEL TO CROSSROADS!!! Read about his super noveling challenge (and subscribe to his new website/blog) he’s doing with Malachi here. 


Family and Friends

FYI God is good throughout everything. 😀 Even in the hard times, the fun times, the tired times, the heartbreaking times, the confusing times. He is still with us and still good. ❤ And that is all I could ever ask for! (thanks to Maggie for letting me flip through her Bible and find verses that have been meaningful to her that I’ve been needing to see all this time too. ❤ )



I am rather behind on school, but no worries– there’s plenty of indoor time to work on it… :/ 😮 😉


Surviving the Summer Heat…

…Because, y’all, it’s STINKING HOT OUT!!! But so far I’m alive. 🙂



So, tell me. 🙂  what have y’all been keeping busy with? How is Camp going for you? What is your favorite cold drink? (i need suggestions!)

I hope to share some WIP things soon (like fan-art of my own story anyone?! 😛 *hides* ) and that promised convention post too. 😉 Also, I’ve been tagged for at least three different neato tags so I gotta get to those soon!

Lean on Christ! ~Anna


P.S. “Bespectacled” is a real word. For an item to be bespectacled, it must be wearing eyeglasses. #random #writerfriends #researchingwithMalachi #newfavoriteweirdword 😛

12 thoughts on “The Recent Doings of Anna

  1. Heeeeeeeelppp meeeehhh!
    Good to know that you’ve been doing a bunch of wordsprints! I’m been trying to catch up since I have like… 10,000 more words to finish. (I HATE REPLOTTING) O_O Thankfully school has temporarily been put on hold.. hehe, one great thing about homeschooling!

    oh.. as for cold drinks, Chikfila’s frosted lemonade is good.. iced tea.. and there are days I just suck on a piece of ice. 😛

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    1. Aw I so get you!!! I’m kind of replotting while writing which is slightly hectic, but I’ve decided to just go with it. 😂😎 You can do it, Jo!!! Write like the wind!! 👏
      Thanks for the suggestions! I have yet to figure out iced tea… Lol But I definitely want to try a Chick-fil-A lemonade! Oooh boy, yes, ice cubes are how we survive car trips without AC! *fist bump*

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      1. XD I’ll try! Dropping my goal helped a teensy weensy little bit.
        Ak! You have no AC in your car???? *hands you Chikfila lemonade* *and a mini fan* *fist bump back*

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        1. Aw yes, that’s sad but good too. 😉👍 You can do it!!
          Yep, our fifteen passenger van has no AC and it’s been 116° recently. 😫😁 Definitely an adventure! *takes both gratefully* *tries to figure out how to make a freezer into a legal and working car*

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          1. *sniffles* Thanks! 😀
            0_0 that is HOT HOT HOT!!! Hopefully you can cool down somehow. Maybe you should get those plug in mini ACs. *turns your car into a fridge*

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  2. This is so fun! I love reading these little updates you do. Glad Paul is getting you to do your word counts. You can do it! We need Eagledare! I’ll sprint with you if you ever need a partner!
    Also, I can imagine the heat being bad. 😛

    God is goooodddd!

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    1. So happy to hear you enjoy reading these life updates, Libby! 🙂
      Aw you’re a dear, I’m working hard on finishing Eagledare for all you amazing people! ❤
      Thanks bunches, I'll let you know if I need more sprinting. 🙂
      Yes, rather bad. 😛
      *hugs back*

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  3. AYYYYY great job on your Camp goal, girl! *HIGH FIVE* And school. You’re epic for doing both at the same time. And yep yep yep, waking up early + writing = perfect. Add coffee, for me, of course. 😉
    And AMEN! God is always good. Life is definitely crazy, and confusing, and scary — but God is on our side and He loves us. ♥
    I won Camp at 30k on the 21st (I think) but am still writing because Seek isn’t done. xD
    Favorite cold drinks: sweet iced tea. Lemonade water (1 squeezed lemon for 16 oz water).

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    1. Thanks so much, lady!!! *High five back* Haha Yeah, it was tuff but I kept up on school mostly. 😉
      Amen to that. ❤
      YAY!! Way to go, Angela!!! So fantastic how long Seek will be! Can’t wait to read it!
      Ooh thanks for the cold drink suggestions. ☺

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