Weird Author Siblings Chat

I’m popping on at this weird hour to tell you I’m going live tomorrow!

Kate Willis, Paul Willis, and Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick, all amazing authors, are also my amazing siblings!

And we’re doing a fun, super informal live video tomorrow, Friday at 11:30am Pacific time, to answer the random questions you people throw at us! Ask anything… favorite snacks, to writing tips, to self-publishing, to sibling-writer dynamics… this is going to be a blast!

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Look for us here:

Hope you can drop in and say hi!! Stick your questions in my comments or ask them during the actual video, and we’ll answer together… hopefully without too much goofiness. 😉 C’ya! ~A

38 thoughts on “Weird Author Siblings Chat

  1. Questions questions.
    What are your guy’s favorite snacks?
    Who was the first to discover and participate in Camp Nano?
    Who is your parents’ favorite?
    What are your favorite animals?
    Devotionals or no?
    What are each of your favorite genre’ so to read?
    (Excuse me if these are too many. I’m gonna watch this video after it’s done live streaming when we get back to wifi, but I’m super excited. :D)
    What inspired Perry’s “Stronger For Language?” I love Andromeda and Kenzie. And those aliens. XD
    You don’t have to answer them all.. unless you want to. XD

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  2. I can’t wait for this!!! ❤ ❤ Here are my questions:
    What is the best and worst novels you have ever read?
    If you could travel to any time period, what would it be and why?
    Of all the siblings, who is the least and most organized?

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  3. Oh can’t wait!!!! 😀

    My questions:
    1. Do you get a lot of people saying you guys look alike?
    2. One at a time: what’s the first proper book you’ve ever written! 😀 (If you can)
    3. You guys DO argue, don’t you? 😛
    4. One at a time: what’s your least favourite food! 😉
    5. Perry, do you have a hard time writing with your kids up and about?? 🙂
    6. Kate, what’s your favourite writing snack & drink! 😉
    7. Paul, have you ever burst out laughing while you’re writing your book? 😀
    8. Anna, what’s your favourite character in the book you’re writing now? 😉
    9. What do you do to self-publish your books?
    10. Do you guys randomly “debate” about things? 😀
    11. All at once: shout “WE LOVE WRITING!!!!”

    There you go! 😛

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  4. How do you find time to write and still spend time as siblings?
    What books have inspired you most? (either inspired your writing, or you as a person)
    What are your favorite foods/drinks while you write?
    Favorite noveling music?
    How many times have you participated in either Camp NaNo or NaNoWriMo? Which do you find more beneficial to your writing?
    Why do you like writing?

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  5. That sounds like so much fun! I doubt I’ll be able to make it live, but I will be back to watch the replay. 😉 (There will be one, right?)

    As for questions . . .
    What is the best thing about having siblings who write?
    What is the worst thing about having siblings who write?

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  6. OOo, this sounds so fun!!! 😀
    Hmm…questions…Oo, okay!
    [These are to everyone ;)]
    1. Have any of you guys peeked at the others current writing project or novel, BEFORE your sibling gave you permission? 😀
    2. What’s the most you’ve written in a day?
    3. Do you make weird facial expressions or noises when you write? (Might as well answer, otherwise one of your siblings will do it for you!! XD)
    4. Which of your guys’s writing styles, would you say, are most alike?
    5. Do any of your siblings do something really odd when they are writing?
    6. Cake or ice cream?
    7. How fast can you say “Wrist Watch” without stumbling? 😀
    8. What’s the best thing about self-publishing?
    9. Have you guys ever tried to co-author together?
    10. Lastly, what’s your favorite thing about writing? Why do you write?

    I hope this was okay, Anna! I wrote a lot of questions…XD
    -Amanda 🙂

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    1. Oh! So sad I missed seeing these questions!! They’re really great, Amanda! A lot of people want us to do another live video sometime, so I’ll save these and we’ll answer some then! Thanks bunches for these!

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