How To Do a Committee Story

Y’all need to do this crazy, fun writing challenge!

It is one of our favorite group activities to do with the whole family or when we have friends over. 🙂 What do we call it? “Committee Stories”!

Had a friend over to watch “Rogue One”, and we ended up doing Committee Stories as well. xD

Grab a few friends (they can be really young or really old- they only need to be able to put words on paper) and a piece of lined paper and pencil for each.

Then sit in a circle and start a timer for, say, 2 minutes. Everyone writes a few lines to a paragraph of a story beginning. Try to leave a bit of suspense or mystery at the end of your section when the timer goes off. If you’re in the middle of a sentence go ahead and finish, and yes, semicolons are legal. ; )

Then pass your paper to the person to your right, wait for everyone to read what’s been written, then start the timer and WRITE!

Do this until everyone has their own story starter again and the story has come to some sort of conclusion. Read the whole story in front of you aloud and give it a name. Make the stories as weird and funny as you want and have fun!

Ours tend to turn out super wacky and are sometimes impossible to read through all the laughter. 🙂 Here is one of our favorites

Shane’s Adventure

(E) Vroom, vroom! A black car sped down an alley and disappeared behind a corner; a red truck raced after it. It turned the corner and stopped. A man got out and saw, to his astonishment, a row of men dressed in black holding guns.
(Me) He clenched the truck door handle and took a quick step backward, his eyes quickly taking in the scene. “Shane Matthews,” an accusing voice spoke, and he saw a dark figure step from the black car still smoking behind the blockade of agents. “Why are you following us? We are nothing of your concern, little cowboy. And yet you persist on making a scene,” he growled.
(PK) “Well,” Shane drawled, still grasping the truck door handle, “as long as you are real agents, I don’t have to worry about a thing. But I happen to have a hunch that you’re not real agents.” He grasped the door handle more tightly. “And,” he added, “that you’re not real people either.” He pressed a hidden button on the door handle and light shot from the front of his truck.
(Kate) The “agents” disappeared completely, and Shane sighed. “I wish they’d stop sending holograms to try to scare me. What I need is some real action.” An impossibly deep voice spoke from above, “You have your wish.” He tipped his head back to see out from under his hat and saw a gigantic black helicopter. His heart stopped, and he tried the button again. It didn’t work.
(PE) Dozens of blackbirds came swirling out of the hatch in the bottom of the helicopter. Shane took action right away. He threw a rope into the sky and fortunately it hooked to a skyhook. Then he climbed and climbed. The birds did their best to knock him down, but he had his handgun ready. “Help!” he heard a soft but scared voice plead. Shane reached the helicopter and pulled himself inside. The birds were about to attack the earth below, but then Shane saw a button that said: “destruct all fighting units”. Shane pressed it and instantly the birds floated into a passing mist. Then Shane saw a bad guy in the driver’s seat. Beside him was sitting a beautiful girl all tied up in ropes. He knocked the man out and shoved him out the window. Then he flew the helicopter down to a little chapel in Pennsylvania where he and his fiancé wanted to get married.

The End!

Have you ever done a Committee Story? Will you now? What do you think of “Shane’s Adventure”?

I’ve got some fun stuff planned for Tuesday so make sure to be on the lookout! Till then! -A

16 thoughts on “How To Do a Committee Story

  1. I love committee stories. 😀 I’ve only ever done it on the computer, like on NN, but I should totally try it with my siblings! Hey, next time we visit you, we should all do committee stories together! Lol, Shane’s adventure is HILARIOUS… Ooh, looking forward to Tuesday. 🙂

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