A Gorgeous Book, A Gorgeous Cover!!!

I have been looking forward to the publication of this novel for f.o.r.e.v.e.r now!

Ever since reading the very first draft, cheering the author on through the second, third, and fourth drafts, getting to hear all the fun new developments, and seeing cover options as they came, I just got to say– this day is SO exciting!!!

Because, y’all, this book has such a gorgeous soul. I can’t say too much since it hasn’t even been released yet, but know this, this novel is a heart-changer, tear-jerker, and faith-charger. 🙂

Ready to know about this new book?
Kiera is looking forward to her eighteenth birthday. The official end of school, a party with her best friend, and chocolate cake. A sudden military draft, no possible exemptions, had never crossed her mind.
Kiera is terrified! Getting drafted would mean leaving her family, her little friend Jade—life as she knows it.
A surprising offer from Brennan Stewart just might be the answer to her prayers, but an even worse trial leaves her with one question…
If God truly loves her, why did this tragedy happen?
Kiera by Kate Willis is a YA dystopian releasing in June 2018. (EEEP!! ❤ ) Add the book to Goodreads here.

Aaaand Kate just revealed her gorgeous cover today!!! *gasp* *swoon*

Kiera final cover

Isn’t that just… idk, gorgeous, pretty, exciting, intriguing, mysterious??!!

Thanks so much for letting me participate in your cover reveal, Kate! I can’t wait to hold this novel in my hands; it is such a gorgeous book!


6 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Book, A Gorgeous Cover!!!

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting to read this book for a couple of years now – or at least it feels like it’s been that long! Can’t wait. 🙂

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